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Non-Lender Services

If you are a lender or provide loan services, we offer full-service appraisal for all asset classes including conventional, multifamily and condominiums.  Contact us for a free quote or an analysis of your appraisal needs.

  • Builder/Investor/Homeowner/Developer
  • New Construction (per blueprints/specs)
  • As Is/After Repaired Value
  • Vacant Land/Vacant Lots
  • Multi-Family

  • Estates/Trusts/Lift Taxes/Tax Plans
  • Divorce Disputes
  • Litigation/Court Support
  • Expert/Lay Witness
  • Home Measurement Services


Our clients require appraisal services for a variety of reasons.  Whether you are selling or buying property or are involved in a legal dispute or divorce proceeding, Sugarbush Appraisal can provide you with accurate information necessary to make informed decisions.  Contact us to discuss the scope of the project and your specific needs.  We will provide you with a quote and an assessment of the work we believe needs to be done to determine real value.